Business Engineer

Motivated by the complex challenges that dynamic IT environments bring, I choose to work for Finaps after finishing my bachelor in Econometrics and Operations Research. Having done an internship at another software development company, I am very curious to learn more about the creation and usage of software, and its business implementations.

My personal interests are, among others, travelling, moviemaking, cooking, running and rowing and these interests have brought me many trips, movies and sporting activities in life. However on a professional level I am still figuring where my interests, such as, econometrics, data collection, forecasting, optimization, programming, software development and entrepreneurship are to bring me in my career. Being involved with different projects, people and tasks at Finaps I am consciously adjusting my personal goals and expectations of the future.

At Finaps, I am learning how to manage and organize projects efficiently and effectively, how IT projects can be completed coherently and with high quality, what challenges companies face in IT and how the SCRUM methodology can help in these challenges. I have found Finaps to be a workplace where my creativity is being tested every day and I can help creating innovative and intuitive applications. Working for the first time in an agile environment with clear day-to-day and week-to-week goals has proven to me that: Without a goal, you can’t score.