Technical Business Engineer

Throughout my academic and professional development, I have always been interested in many subjects. This was facilitated during my Bachelor at University College Utrecht, where I took most of my courses in neuroscience, molecular cell biology and genetics. After some travelling and a growing interest in entrepreneurship, I found a master’s program that combined life sciences with business: Science, Business & Innovation at VU University. My master’s thesis concerned data mining of scientific publications for the purposes of market research, and introduced me to the fields of computer science and data science. These fields are well suited to someone with broad interests, as they are not only very interesting in and of themselves, but can be applied to the advancement of almost every other field, as well as to practical problems in business.

After my master’s I started a business in software development together with a friend, which was both fun, educational, and short-lived. After a year learning about the commercial side of business as an account manager for TMC Data Science, I started looking for a position where I could continue to develop my technical skills.

Working at Finaps brings together software development, data science, and diverse projects at clients operating in diverse fields. Combined with a great team, can-do mentality, and modern software development approach, it is a great place to work and build innovative solutions for our clients.