'“Great things never come from comfort zones” '
Business Engineer

From a young age I always thought that I was going to be a lawyer. Following the “Economy and society” direction at high school I never really considered a career in IT. However, after becoming familiar with mathematics my interests shifted. All of a sudden technology and science interested me big time. Because of this, I started studying Industrial Engineering. I am currently a third-year student and still enjoy it to this day.

After following a workshop from Finaps about Mendix, it became immediately clear to me that all the people are very motivated and ambitious. These are characteristics that I think are really important. Furthermore, working with the newest technologies and always striving for innovation and improvement, really interested me.  After the workshop I contacted Finaps. Together we figured out a way to combine working with studying. To this day, I am still very happy that I am part of this amazing and inspiring team.