I am currently working on getting my bachelor’s degree in Business IT & Management at the HU and I get excited and inspired when I can help a business to improve their performance wherever I can.

During my internship I am researching how Finaps can improve their business in order to guarantee an even more consistent and better quality of their software products to their clients. I came in contact with Finaps through a guest lecture provided by the organization and what piqued my interest is that they develop software solutions for clients that solves a business need, utilizing development methods that are fit-for-purpose.

My personal goal of this internship is gaining more work experience and a better vision of my own interests and passions. The people that work at Finaps strike me as candid and fun people that are driven to provide the best work they can. I would like to thank Finaps for providing me with the opportunity and the inspiring work environment to learn and further develop the understanding of myself.