'In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure'
Managing Director

My career started in a management traineeship at ING Bank after completing my Master’s degree in Economics. I worked for over 10 years within the financial services industry in various roles, starting as a banker within commercial lending to becoming a Global Program Manager at ABN AMRO International. In 2010 the Financial Services Industry had changed drastically and I believed there was room for new opportunities within the dramatic changes that we were seeing. This resulted in the start-up of Finaps in 2010.

As founder and shareholder I am involved in setting out Finaps strategy and identifying new opportunities for the organization. As CFO / COO of Finaps I take care of the day to day finance and operations functions.
Finaps is an innovative and ambitious company that strives for continuous improvement and act with integrity in all we do.

We like to get things done and work hard towards our goals. Of course, there are challenges every day as in most of companies but all of us will work hard to overcome them together. If we succeed, we celebrate and if we fail, we step back and look at the reasons and start again.