'Do things with passion, or not at all'
Business Engineer

After finishing a three-month Bootcamp Full-Stack Web Development (Node JS) by the New York Code + Design Academy I started working at Finaps. With a background in fashion design and Archaeology, I could have never imagined myself working in IT, however, now I can’t imagine working somewhere else. My core values of integrity, honesty, curiosity, ambition, fun and passion are represented by Finaps. This job allows me to learn on the go and challenges me to develop applications that truly add value and inspire others the way I am inspired by the work of my colleagues.

Even as the first female developer on the team, I have been welcomed into the team as one of the guys and I feel privileged to work with this passionate group of people. With two strong women at the top, this company is the perfect place for me to work and develop both myself and awesome business applications.