Data Engineer

From a young age, I have been inspired by science, nature and technology, and by the creativity and insights that are evoked when people pursue to make progress in those fields. I had childhood ambitions for careers in a wide range, from astronaut, rocket scientist and astronomer to magician, writer and mountaineer, but I never consciously considered a career in IT, although I intensely enjoyed working on a computer and learned myself PhP just because a tutorial book was lying in the living room. My interests gradually shifted to mathematics and physics, and during most part of my Mathematics study in Utrecht, it felt natural to me that I would become an academic researcher.


Near the end of my study, however, I started to realise that I really wanted to create complex new things that others would appreciate and use, and to do this as part of a nice, inspiring team pursuing common goals, and that I would miss that as a researcher.


At Finaps, I found a working environment that truly matched those desires, I immediately felt at home and happy here. Moreover, I feel that the work I do here is as challenging as academic research, only the challenges are more diverse. I love creating software and doing data science for the same reason as I love doing mathematics: both are intellectually challenging logical puzzles, rewarding to solve, and I believe in their power to change the world positively. I love to do this in the inspiring and ambitious organisation that Finaps offers, continuously working to develop and improve our products and ourselves.