'Can we develop it? Yes, we can!'
Senior Business Engineer

I have a wide range of interests which I believe are a result of my bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and my master degree in Operations Management (and Logistics) at TU Eindhoven. During these studies I have developed knowledge in both process thinking as well as business modelling. It was not obvious to me at first that my skill set could be applied to Software development but I believe these skills are very important for constructing good performing IT systems in particular Mendix applications. At Finaps it is nice to be able to create business solutions from start to finish whilst working in a supportive and joyful environment. I believe with the combination of the project team working alongside the customer we are able to get a thorough understanding of the business processes, allowing us to optimise and create the right application and functionalities. How cool is it to truly help customers with self-developed tools, exactly fitting their needs?!