'Becoming a Winner'
ISO Employee

When I spoke with the owners and employees of Finaps, they show the value they see in risk management and ISO certification.

I am glad about this. If there is one thing I learned, it is that when you have a business, you have to take a certain amount of risks.
Therefore a good risk Appetite is very important. It starts with the tone at the top, and it ultimately flows through the whole organisation culture.

During my study Business Economics I followed the minor Management Control, Change and Risk. I found this really interesting and want to continue to develop myself in this area.

I think Finaps is a great place to start!

Coming back to my title.

I always say that it is the balance between a ‘high’ degree of being in Control and a ‘high’ quality of the Strategy, what makes you a winner. One without the other, makes you either ‘inefficient’ or a ‘dangerous enterprise’.

Hopefully Finaps keeps the right balance, and becomes a winner.