Software Engineer

After graduating from The University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia,  I decided to further my studies with an MSc in Behavioural Economics at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Throughout my studies I was particularly interested in the interplay between humans and technology, an interest that fueled my ambition to learn how to develop software. And so following several positions at technology start-ups in Amsterdam, I enrolled in a web-development course with the BSSA. Now, with a focus on open source technologies, I am broadening my knowledge in this area as a Business Engineer at Finaps.

Outside of work I am a keen writer with publications across the fields of technology, sustainability and psychology; an ardent runner, hoping to run my first ultra-marathon in 2019; and an speed-skating enthusiast, with ambitions to one day skate the Elfstedentocht.