Senior Software Engineer

Already at the age of ten was I typing Basic commandos on my DOS box; this hobby was inspired by the strange attracting combination of logic puzzles, technological innovation, and a desire to create my own computer games. Back then it seemed that I would proceed this path during high school, in which I became amazed by the upcoming web 2.0 and the corresponding developments surrounding the new languages used to make applications for this new platform.

After proceeding a few years in this manner I went to the university, and surprisingly I choose not to study informatics, artificial intelligence, or any directly related field. Instead I tried to challenge myself with a bachelor in physics and mathematics. Although after a few years I saw my mistake and missed the art of computer programming, and starting 2013 I pursued a master in scientific computing. I was back in the magical world of computations, boundaries being smashed through electronic innovations, and unlimited possibilities for the future!

I love technical challenges and solving those while collaborating with small teams; I feel that each project undertaken gives the team an opportunity to being part of a larger push for a more technologically advanced society in which one after another different problems are solved through innovation. It is this process and being part of such teams that make this possible that gives me joy in what I do. That is why I joined Finaps: I want to continue to develop those solutions, and in the meantime to develop myself to always be able to provide high quality applications.