'To improve is to change, to be perfect change often'
Software Engineer

As a kid I had always been fascinated with everything electronic. So, it would seem only natural, that over 20 years later I would be working at an IT company. But this journey has had a few detours. My first experience working at an IT department (during a two-week internship) when I was just 15 years old, steered my path into a completely different direction. It is fair to say now that this was only a slight deviation of my path. Having tried multiple disciplines, I came back to the world of IT several years ago. Now, having worked part-time at Finaps for over two years, in the summer of 2019 I started working full time as a software engineer. What once seemed not right for me is now perfect for me.


The following quote I overheard once, probably describes the people I work with and me the best, ‘Take what you do serious, but don’t take yourself too serious’. This allows us to have open discussions about what we all love doing, developing great applications!