Solutions that help your organization achieve its goals

We work with small, highly effective teams that can design, build and run your business solutions.


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Digital innovation
Portals & (mobile) Apps

Our business solutions create innovative experiences that meet the constantly changing demands of your customers. Because we have the expertise in advanced technologies, we can adapt your business applications to meet new demands instantly. This makes the launch of new products and services even faster and more cost effective. The development of portals

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Process optimization

Automated workflow is often the answer to business propositions you want to offer to your clients and is key in streamlining your core processes. We can streamline your data-driven workflows across teams, create complex business rules, Mobilize your employees and integrate everything with your existing backend systems.

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Control your IT landscape

A future ready IT landscape is necessary to cope with continuously changing customer demands. We play nice with legacy applications, can clean up the Access and Excel Jungle and work with any device and any platform.

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Through innovative analytics, machine learning and predictive capabilities, Finaps helps customers to turn large amounts of data into knowledge you can use. With the expertise in automation of both the primary processes and in-depth analytics of data, we can build the bridge between the two and develop even more intuitive applications or unleashing your data for primary processes.