Even the most innovative products or services can be improved. That’s why we are continuously searching for new innovative technologies and extensions of our current technologies. With these extensions we can create more ingenious solutions for our current and future clients. Our knowledge is shared in our own knowledge base and the extensions we create can be found in various places, such as the Mendix App Store. Continuous improvement is embedded in our core values because we want to create a workplace where people can grow.

Using different technologies also means that our development and continuous improvement of existing solutions is done in various programming languages, such as C#, Scala, Java and JavaScript. By using a variety of programming languages, we are able to combine open source and freely available solutions with enterprise solutions. This gives us the ability to quickly develop new and innovative solutions for our customers. A great example is our chatbot, which combines freely available chatbots with enterprise software like SAS. By creating a mobile application in Xamarin and orchestration layer in Scala, we were able to create a complete solution within days.

Within research and development, we primary focus on the following topics:

  • Product development: creating free content or licensed products that can be used within projects that utilise platforms like Mendix;
  • Research into new technologies:  new technologies that potentially help our clients or ourselves are developed and released. By conducting continuous research we are able to use the best suited technologies for the solutions we create;
  • Internal tooling: development time is precious for us and our clients. By creating tools that automate various processes (e.g. release process), we know our engineers make the best of their time.