Working at Finaps

When you get a new job, it’s always fun telling people what it is you do. True to the agile way of thinking I tell people:  “As a Business Engineer at Finaps I build software solutions which add value for our clients as quickly as possible”. Although this is true, a more interested crowd would insist on knowing what I actually do and why I do it. So, let me tell you a bit about that, starting at the beginning.My initial attraction towards Finaps was being able to build up skills which are broadly applicable. Meeting the Finaps team and experiencing the atmosphere and values were also very conducive in choosing to work for Finaps. When I started, learning to develop with the Mendix platform was the first order of business. Mendix enables you to rapidly build the applications which you so frequently use when you interact and work with or within a company. Think banks, insurers, utility companies and web shops. So that fell squarely in my desire to build up a broadly applicable skill.

Getting up to speed with the java based Mendix platform is off course an ongoing process. Let me tell you about a project I started working on, though. It is building a digital environment in which a NGO can set up plans that will support their cause, manage subsidy requests and report the progress on their projects back to their donors. I do this in collaboration with a senior Business Engineer. In time, managing a client like this NGO will be part of the job as well.

Working on this project is really interesting, but it didn’t keep me from asking my colleagues what they were up to work wise. It turned out that their projects are quite diverse. The interesting part though, was to find out they all have developed a specialty. Some of them specialize in the agile work process, some have picked up impressive speed in working with the platform, some specialized in building mobile applications while others build connections between Mendix and all sorts of other platforms. And this is far from an exhaustive list of the skills. In general, the atmosphere is to encourage people to try and learn new things. This is what makes the varied skill set of Finaps.

As an individual it gives you quite a lot of freedom to think about what is useful and may add value, and then to develop yourself in that direction.

Also funny, the variety of skills of the people working here extends to outside the work place. Quite a lot of my colleagues have extraordinary hobbies, which makes for interesting conversation. In all I’m really enjoying learning to contribute to the value that Finaps delivers with our Can-Do mentality.

03-03-2016 by Alexander Holtbach