Corona- app

Three features the corona-app must have to trackle the virus succesfully

Currently, there is much concern about the usefulness of a corona-app and how it impacts our privacy. However, that doesn’t stop the developers from building the app, and rightfully so – it is important to tackle the virus. We as Finaps think that there are three features that the Dutch minister De Jonge of Public Health has to consider to successfully tackle corona virus with an app.


1. Platform with Privacy Protecting Data Safe

It is important that the app collects a minimum amount data, stores as little data as necessary and that it does not share personal data with others. This can be realized by the capabilities of a private data safe. Data needs to be collected and examples of measurements that can be collected include – but are not limited to:

  • Proximity analysis by analyzing signal between phones;
  • Stay at home by analyzing how often you connect to your own WiFi network;
  • Risk analysis by an area score and not your individual location data.

Within the platform each user should get a personal data safe on which the app runs as a service. This ensures that personal data is protected. The app user chooses which data will be shared with whom, anonymously of course and the apps connect to this personal data safe.


2. Game engine of scoring points to change behavior

Integrating a gamification element in the app changes the behavior of the users to take higher responsibility for the corona virus. This can be achieved by a scoring game. By obtaining points (alone or with a group), the user is motivated to behave responsibly, examples of such games and how points can be scored are:

  • Staying at home;
  • Not getting too close to other people;
  • Answering knowledge questions;
  • Distributing the app.


3. Target group oriented to make the app go viral

Crucial initiatives in the app, like privacy protection and traceability can be connected with fun and games. This way, we use the power of the community which makes the app go viral. In the end, with or without an app, we only tackle the virus if we do it together.