Team Finaps wins Unilever Heart Health Hackathon

Team Finaps strikes again! Another hackathon victory brings the tally to three consecutive wins in 2014. The most recent challenge took us all the way to London, for the Unilever Heart Health Hackathon. Up at 0400h, through the Tunnel at 0900h, behind our computers at 1130h and back home at 2400h the next day. Quite a ride, but worth it once again!
The theme for the Unilever Heart Health Hackathon was, of course, heart health. Any ideas, technical but also non-technical, that could contribute to the improvement of heart health among consumers, were acceptable. Being a tech-company, we went for a technical solution. Being a primarily financial tech company, we had to do a fair bit of brainstorming to come up with a winning idea…
In the end, our idea was quite simple: People with an active interest in healthy foods will eat healthy of their own accord. It’s people with no knowledge or funds to frequently choose healthy products, that benefit from a tangible incentive to choose (for example) a more expensive Flora ProActive over cheap ol’ regular butter.
Enter Pepz. You purchase your everyday groceries, scan your Tesco Club Card, and voila, Pepz points are automatically added to your account for any healthy products in the Pepz catalogue. Points that can then be redeemed against products and discounts in the Pepz store. All to be available as a mobile app, for maximum ease of use.

Brainstorming with Unilever mentors, the idea swiftly expanded to incorporate the Heart Age API, allowing users to calculate their heart age vs. actual age. The API also yields specific points of attention, such as cholesterol or blood pressure. The Pepz app is then able to provide a list of tips on foods products specifically recommended for the user. Including their ‘Pepz-value’, of course.

We also added a barcode scanner, so consumers can easily check the details and Pepz-value of a product ‘on-the-go’ or to request a healthy alternative for a scanned product, and push notifications to inform a user that Peps have been added to his/her account.
The result is a fairly complete app, that allows a consumer to calculate his heart age, get food tips for his/her situation, easily find healthy alternatives to regular products and, of course, collect Pepz for actually choosing the healthy option.
And all that in under 24 hours…

See the movie below for an impression of the event: