Studio Rio 2.0



Following the success of the booking website we made for Studio Rio, ideas started to come to mind on what could we do next to help Studio Rio?

November of 2015 Floris Evers, former Olympic medal winner and organiser of Studio Rio, came to us with a pitch for a project called Studio Rio. The idea was simple: a platform that could provide news and unique content about the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. This was a new opportunity for us at Finaps in that we had not created applications with the purpose of providing coverage to a sporting events, let alone an event as big as the Olympics. Although this was not the status quo for us, we had many ideas of how we could turn Floris’s vision into reality.

Floris’s idea for Studio Rio was a web application that could allow users to view multiple sources of media content related to the Olympic Games in one place. Additionally, Floris and his team would be making unique content in the form of video blogs and live streams during the games. Through this process of requirement capturing we had many ideas come to mind on how we could make Studio Rio into a hub for Dutch Olympic News. We also agreed to integrate a live twitter stream as well as a news stream.

Our ambition was to create an experience in which a user would be able to access the site and new content would continuously stream from the various sources keeping them informed about what is going on. The application also adapted for when the Studio Rio’s live stream was to go live. When an event or new data was detected the backend application would emit this new data to all clients connected informing them of the change. This was particularly useful for the Twitter stream which has data always changing.

Studio Rio integrates with Makers Channel, Twitter, YouTube and AD. This seamlessly allows content from these locations to be featured on Studio Rio without human interaction. After multiple pizza fuelled nights and losing our minds debugging. The end result is truly a hub for all Dutch Olympic news.

This application was a nice challenge for us as it allowed us to try our hands at something new as well as leverage newer technologies. We learnt a lot from this project and were able to produce an application we are proud of and that was able to provide everything Floris required.

Studio Rio was able to achieve 15,000 users during the Olympic games. This greatly helped add to the view totals of Studio Rio’s video content, which had a total of 800,000 views during the Olympics. Both Floris & Finaps were very happy with the reach of the application which added more excitement to an outstanding Olympic Games.