Roundtable “Digital innovation and transformation”



 In the age of digital innovation, many firms struggle to keep up with smaller and more flexible competitors that originate from the digital era and have no legacy. The larger and older firms lack speed and flexibility to stay ahead of their competitors and to keep up with customer demands. Finaps organized a roundtable with IT executives of Heineken, NS, Enexis, Rijkswaterstaat, de Hypotheker and Direct Pay to discuss digital innovation and transformation. The roundtable was held at the beautiful office of SAS at Huizen and was also attended by Hans de Visser VP of Product & Solution Marketing at Mendix and Jos van Dongen advisor at SAS. Jonathan Koopmans of Boston Consulting Group moderated the roundtable.

2016-04-20-photo-00000105Digital innovation and transformation are topics that are on almost every firms’ roadmap. The question for these firms is how they handle digital innovation within their organization. During the roundtable many topics were discussed of which the key takeaways were:

“Stop doing projects and creating business cases”

“Try first then structure”

“Dare to fail”

“Make innovation an integral part of your way of thinking and doing instead of creating a separate department”

“Utilise the benefits of Bi-modal IT thinking with fixed (conventional) and flexible (innovative) context”

“Less thinking, more doing”

The discussion around these takeaways was very animating and everyone was inspired in a different way. Food for thought?