Mendix World 2019: Rabobank Native Mobile App

The announcement of the development of Native Mobile apps with Mendix by Derek Roos left a great impression at Mendix World 2019.
You might be wondering: Is Native Mobile really going to work? Is the consumer ready?

We are happy to answer that question: Yes! Rabobank International Direct Banking is the first to develop a True Native Mobile App.
The Demo at Mendix World showed that its speed, elegance, innovation and gestures are exactly what you can expect from a killer app like this.
With great pride, Danny Roest and Jeroen Kesteloo presented their partnership in making Mendix True Native ready during the break-out session on Wednesday.

Honoured to be mentioned by Derek Roos during his keynote presentation of Mendix World 2019. Many thanks to Irene Ronner and Pieter de Jong for making this possible.
Rabobank is the first to develop their mobile app with Mendix Native Mobile.
Martina van Slooten, Jelle Leermakers, Marius van der Knaap, Tom Renkema, Stefani Peters and Jeroen Kesteloo are doing great work with this app.

Well done everybody at Mendix, the organization was terrific. We truly appreciate the extraordinary exposure you gave us on this event.
Mendix World 2019 has been unforgettable for us.