Mendix releases platform version DX

On the 15th of July Mendix released a new version of their development platform. They named it DX which is related to their new slogan Rapid meets Digital Experience. In the new version more emphasis is on digital innovation and the fast release of new applications. The main improvements since their prior release are:

  • Responsive UI framework Page templates combined with navigation layouts and themes.
  • OData The integration of BI tools and platforms such as SAS and Tableau.
  • Developer Cookbook Improvement of support for developers including recipes to built differentiating applications.
  • Free Edition Instead of the Community edition there is a new Free edition that even has a production environment.

And these are only the main improvements, for us as experienced group of Mendix developers there are many improvements that make development even faster and our applications more intuitive.

Go to the Mendix website to found out more about their new release.