Mendix releases platform version 6

Beginning of October, Mendix announced their platform version 6. This is their biggest platform update in 2 years and comes with offline mobile support and a more open platform to support open innovation.


Offline Mobile Support

Mendix is the first in the industry to offer out-of-the-box, offline mobile support across platforms and devices through a model-driven rapid mobile app development approach. Without any code, our business engineers can build mobile applications that make use of static resource storage, have access to data, and enable data entry caching to maintain consistency of user experience and performance even when disconnected or offline.

This will allow you to build great mobile applications for any device and make them an integral part of your business processes and back-end systems. With Mendix’s mobile app platform, your mobile apps can be built once and deployed anywhere, using native device functions, such as camera or geolocation.

Platform Openess

Mendix is the first rapid application development platform in the world that publishes all application models. No matter if it’s a domain model, logic model or UI model, the Model API and Platform SDK provides access to your core application artefacts from the outside.

The main benefits are:

Eliminating Vendor Lock-in: with the new model exchange functionality, application models can be easily exported for documentation purposes, or to port applications to other platforms, increasing transparency and eliminating lock-in concerns.

Legacy migration and modernization: model import capabilities support automated cloud migration of legacy applications, allowing organizations to accelerate application modernization at massive scale.

Quality assurance: new API’s allow static analysis on application models to check for inconsistencies, ensure quality standards, and improve maintainability.

Task automation: scripts automate bulk tasks, such as reformatting flow or changing certain parameters and activities across multiple models, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Odata support: You can now leverage live Mendix app data in BI tools like Tableau, analytics platforms like SAS or R, and Excel with a single click.


Aditional developments

Cloud Foundry Application Resilience Out-of-the-Box: Customers deploying Mendix applications on Cloud Foundry benefit from out-of-the-box resilience services, simplifying configuration for high availability, failover, and scalability.

Mendix available on Amazon Web Services: Mendix is available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Customers can run Mendix using their existing AWS corporate account and leverage the services in their plan. In addition, the Mendix Free Edition and Developer Sandboxes now run on AWS.

General availability UI Framework: General availability of the Mendix UI Framework offers comprehensive themes, navigation layouts, page templates, and design elements for more easily building responsive multi-channel apps. 



Read more about the Mendix 6 release on the Mendix website.