Finaps wins global ABN AMRO hackathon


On the 20th of September 2016, Finaps successfully joined forces with the Core Banking team for the annual Global IT International ABN AMRO hackathon. As one of the 40 international teams participating in the event, our challenge was to create a workable solution for role management within the International Core banking landscape. The hackathon consisted of 40 teams, with 40 different challenges working 24 hours nonstop to present their business case and workable solution.  

The nature of this set up, pushed us to work in close collaboration with the ABN AMRO team as both business case definition and development ran in parallel. Based on our experience with the agile way of working, we quickly defined a rhythm of refining, developing and delivering working iterations. The only difference was that we had sprints of 2 – 3 hour rather then the 2 week rhythm that we are used to.Rochus and Tom working on the solution of the ABN AMRO hackathon

Business and IT collaboration

During the hackathon we invited a wide range of business stakeholders relevant for our challenge to provide input and actually work with the solution. Their input proved to be crucial for developing a solution that matched their intended goal. We fully used the capabilities of the Mendix platform in order to quickly deploy new versions and validate user input with the users themselves. 

Another hackathon win!

This all resulted in yet another hackathon win for Finaps! Our team was unanimously voted as the winner! We believe that our adherence to the agile methodology – even in pressure cooker situations – and the capabilities of the Mendix platform resulted in an extraordinary fit between the challenge and the solution delivered. At Finaps we strongly believe that our Business Engineer strategy truly results in Business solutions that work, even in time pressured situation such as hackathons! 

“This was a problem we have been trying to resolve in a traditional way and develop it using traditional development tools and methodology. The way Finaps managed to build the solution using innovative technologies, an Agile approach but most importantly creating a great collaborative environment. Finally not only winning the hackathon but also getting the buy-in and acceptance from business on the solution developed.” Asif Khan (Head of solution engineering ABN AMRO IT International)

Award ceremony ABN AMRO hackathon

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