Finaps Summer Event 2017

Helping “Stichting Jarige Job” 

On the 23th of September, it was time for Finaps’ yearly summer event. On a day which will probably go into the history books as the last day of summer for 2017 we went with the whole team plus partners and children to Rotterdam. The location we had to navigate to was located somewhere which looked like an abandoned industrial area. However, when we arrived in the building it was like being a kid in a candy store all over again. We were at the office of “Stichting Jarige Job”, where we would help this foundation for a day.

“Stichting Jarige Job” is a foundation which tries to close the gap between the poor and the rich by enabling children between 4 and 12 years old to celebrate their birthday. Children whose parents, without the help of Jarige Job, are not able to do this because of a lack of money. The foundation does this, not by giving money, but by giving a birthday box worth €35,- containing balloons, cake mix, treats to share in class, and of course birthday presents. This box is then delivered to the parents of the birthday kid so they can make sure that everything is ready when the big day is there. The birthday kid can now have a “normal” birthday.

Finaps helped Stichting Jarige Job by preparing the birthday boxes. In a “semi” organized manner we were able to pack 400 boxes, making sure that another 400 children are able to celebrate their birthday this year.

We ended the day with a nice barbeque outside together with the volunteers of Stichting Jarige Job and of course, some couldn’t withstand the appealing of all the toys present at the building.