Finaps, SAS and UMC Utrecht win Dutch Hacking Health 2017

Last weekend Finaps competed at the Dutch Hacking Health at UMC Utrecht with 2 combined teams of Finaps and SAS. After 36 hours of Hacking we have developed 2 solutions, the Hixalizer team focused on doctors and the Medicine Assistant app team focused on patients. We are very proud that both our teams were recognized for their efforts and won two awards.

The Dutch Hacking Health 2017 is an initiative that was organized at five academic hospitals in the Netherlands. Twenty teams competed in Utrecht at UMC Utrecht. The hospital hosted the teams for the entire weekend so they could discuss, develop and test and keep going till late at night. Some teams (such as Finaps and SAS) even continued during the night.

After one and a half day without much sleep 17 teams pitched their project to the jury of Dutch Hacking Health 2017 UMC Utrecht.



The Hixalizer team won the ‘Best Health Innovation Dutch Hacking Health 2017’ award for their solution. The team was a combination of Finaps and SAS developers and cardiologists of UMC Utrecht. They developed a solution that saves doctors time when determining a diagnosis. The solution uses text mining and algorithms in the doctor’s correspondence to provide suggestions for possible diagnoses. Even spelling mistakes are corrected and abbreviations understood. The doctor can accept or delete a suggestion with the click of a button. In the current system, this is a time-consuming and cumbersome process, especially when a patient has more than one diagnosis. Because the HIXalizer speeds up this process, the doctor can spend more time focussed on the patient.

Analytics-and data specialist Rik de Ruiter represented SAS on this team that created the Hixalizer:“It was a beautiful challenge to think about how to improve healthcare in the Netherlands. With the Hixalizer we combined knowledge from healthcare with data and analytics to develop a creative solution. We are very proud that the Hixalizer won the national price for best innovation.”


Medicine Assistant app

The other team of Finaps and SAS developed a medication app that keeps track of your medication usage and analyses this in combination with how you feel. The Medicine Assistant app won the award for ‘Best Data driven solution’ at UMC Utrecht. The app provides chronic sick patients insights in the effects of their medication use. It also gives them the possibility to chat with a chatbot that helps in providing relevant information e.g. on certain side effects. The data can be used for the specialist to gain more insight in the effects that medication has on the patient and the data can be used for research purposes. The resulting information is then fed back to the Medication app to enhance the chatbot conversation with the patient.

Technical Business Engineer Lennard Eijsackers, represented by Finaps on this team that developed the medication Assistant app: “By using this app the patient gets more control and the data that is collected can be used by the patient’s doctor to get a better understanding of his patient and for research on the decease/medication. We also use the data to train the chatbot. In this way, we have a data driven app: the patient fills in data in the app, which is used to improve the life of the patient, by supporting the doctor and research.”

We are very proud that Finaps, together with SAS, again proved to be a partner for organizations that require innovative solutions with a very short time to market.

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