Finaps off-site 2015

Every year we spend time together in a small cabin in the woods of Gulpen, Limburg. To work on Finaps as an organization, improve skills as a team and have some fun. However, this year was different than any year before. Together with the yearly off-site, we celebrated our five-year anniversary of Finaps. The first off-site in 2010 was attended by 4 people, 5 years later 16 Finaps members needed a proper bed. That’s why Lonneke and Marlies decide to host the Finaps off-site 2015 at Chateau St. Gerlach, beautifully situated in the peaceful scenery of Limburg.


Day 1 – Evaluation, Teambuilding & Personal development sessionsWe started the day with coffee and quickly begun with the evaluation of 2015. What a wonderful year we had with Finaps, new colleagues, clients, projects and events. Nice to see the company grow with its great culture still in place. After a lovely lunch we went on a journey to find the answer of being a trusted advisor. Together with an experienced coach and good friend of Finaps, Harry de Weerd. Harry helped us in 2014 using MBTI profiling in order to act as a team and as a self-reflecting individual. This year we used our type indicators even further to work on being “the professional”.Talented and dedicated employees don’t automatically mean that your organization breathes professionalism. Self awareness enables one to continuously improve and work more efficiently as a team player in order to be the trusted advisor that we want to be. The new members of the Finaps family also did the MBTI test and we had some nice discussions about their profiles.

Due to all the great discussions of the day we were a bit late for dinner so the swimming pool and sauna needed to wait till the next morning. Besides the brain food we could chew on, good food together with great wines and drinks is what makes a Finapser really happy. We had a nice 3-course dinner with amazing wine chosen by our own wine specialist, Rochus. At 1:00 we called it a day after the hotel bar closed.


Day 2 – Strategic sessionsFriday morning there were some early birds that tried the pool and the sauna, others chose to sleep a bit longer. After breakfast, the strategy of the coming year was discussed. Every year we sharpen our swords in order to set new and more challenging goals and targets both individually as well as organization wise. It is difficult to accept that Finaps can not be build in a day, just like Rome. Using your time efficient in order to improve both your personal skills and the organization can sometimes be challenging. This led to a couple of passionate discussions with nice results and building blocks for the future.

After a full day of intensely thinking and discussing the strategy and targets for this year, our partners arrived to accompany our bewildered souls. For the people without a partner the swimming pool was the way to relax and look back on the day before the dinner started. The evening was full of surprises, next to the dinner and drinks Marlies and Lonneke prepared a presentation about how the Finaps family grew supported by cartoons. Very funny situations were displayed and we all laughed our hearts out.At the end of the presentation the next amazing surprise were the Christmas presents we got, I won’t bore you with the details but it had something to do with a fruit ;-). We already know how much our work is appreciated but this was an extra surprise to acknowledge this. Just like the evening before we pushed the openings hours of the bar until its maximum extend.



Day 3 – Team activities

On Saturday we had a Falconer workshop with enormous birds, a traditional Limburgse lunch at ‘het drielandenpunt’, clay pigeon shooting and an archery course. This all to finish of a great, wonderful and amazing weekend together.


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