Dutch FinTech Landscape 3.0

Holland FinTech Landscape 3.0 with Finaps

Finaps is very proud that it is part of the Dutch FinTech Landscape 3.0 published by Holland FinTech. They started with this overview in April 2016 with only a small group of companies. We are in the overview since May 2016, the 2.0 version.  Next year Holland FinTech will publish an European version of the Dutch FinTech Landscape, the European FinTech Landscape.

Holland FinTech

Don Ginsel founded Holland FinTech mid 2014.  He wanted to support the best use of available (financial)technologies to change the financial industry for the better, make people (inside and outside financial services) understand and use the potential of Fintech and create a positive impact on society. Resulting in the mission of the Holland FinTech platform: it brings together people and organisations, who believe that creating a level playing field in the financial ecosystem will drive innovation. And that connecting mature players to innovative startups across borders, will accelerate financial innovation to its full potential. Leaning on the strengths and strategic position of the Netherlands towards continental Europe, Holland FinTech is building a technology based market place in global financial innovation.

Finaps and the Landscape 3.0

In this version of the Dutch FinTech landscape it becomes clear that there are now Dutch Fintech companies and startups disrupting all area’s of the financial industry. They are ranging from mobile solutions and alternative finance to banking and compliance. Finaps is in the “Bank, Platform and Software” slice of the landscape however certain clients of ours are also in other fields. For example in “Mortgage and Consumer Lending” and “Authentication, Security and Fraud” of the landscape.

If you want to read more about our clients or products you can go to our Case Studies or Products. To read more about Holland FinTech please go to their website.