Finaps becomes SAS partner

Finaps is proud to announce that we officially are a SAS implementation partner and that we are the first company to develop a direct integration between Mendix and SAS via a Java database (SAS Integration Technologies) connector.

Our (Technical) Business Engineers have been trained and are certified in SAS. They have developed a generic integration between the analytics tools of SAS and the Mendix platform. This results in the use of SAS data by end users that before only could be accessed by data-analysts.

Mendix needs a strong backend that provides capabilities for enterprise data-management and integration, as well as analytical and reporting capabilities to provide high value information in their business oriented (mobile) apps. Where SAS needs a strong business oriented frontend application to expose more SAS functionality to more and more end users that are switching fast to usage of smart (mobile) apps

Our Business Engineers predominantly have a background in econometrics and statistics which enables us to understand the data, the business needs of our clients and therefore translate these needs into solutions that work for our clients. With the combination of Mendix and SAS Finaps wants to focus on creating smart apps. By using Finaps for translating business needs into solutions, Mendix for its workflow and frontend, and SAS for its strong analytical calculations we can combine the best of three worlds.

Finaps is the first company worldwide to have a partnership with both Mendix and SAS. We are looking forward to working with both advanced technologies to develop the most innovative applications possible for our clients.

For more information about SAS and Mendix development contact us via or +31 (0)30 699 70 40.