Develop Mendix Widgets with Webpack and React

Somewhere two years ago I got involved in web development with Javascript and the whole surrounding ecosystem. And it was exciting! With the introduction of ES2015, the NPM repository, and React it felt as if the web was developing at such a rapid speed that all blog posts that I could find were instantaneous outdated. Each day there was a new feature or paradigm introduced that was the new cool thing to use, and it felt thrilling to be able to incorporate that in new projects.

This year I got into Mendix, and as a Javascript developer, my first project was a widget development. Actually more of a module. At Finaps we tried to make something similar to the Plotly designer which we could include in some of the dashboards that we develop. This widget was not easy to develop within the Dojo framework; each iteration during the construction felt kinda awkward. I rather wished to develop into something that felt more native to Javascript. So, after a few days of struggling, I decided to spend more time on developing a framework which I could leverage to develop native Mendix widgets, with the tools that I already knew.

It took some time and iterations but after a while the environment that I set up felt just right: it is easy to develop with ES2015 and even ES2017 / ES7 (in fact, any version that Babel supports), it includes the NPM package manager so that I can include any new modern library such as React, and it incorporates linting and unit testing for ease of development.

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