De Hypotheker Track and Trace app


Last week we celebrated the go live of de Hypotheker track and trace app together with a team of de Hypotheker. The native mobile app with Mendix backend makes the mortgage application and approval process transparent and traceable for the consumer and the mortgage advisor.

De Hypotheker

De Hypotheker is the largest organisation in the Netherlands for independent selection, application and realisation of mortgages. They also have other housing related services such as insurances. Since their start in 1985 they served over 1 million customers in their 160 franchise branches in.  The 80 people of the umbrella organisation De Hypothekers Associatie B.V. are responsible for the administration, coordination and support of all the branches.

The App

The mortgage application and approval process always was a black box for the consumer and an administrative hassle for the mortgage advisor. A few months ago de Hypotheker came to us with the idea of developing a mobile consumer app where consumers can follow this process, upload documents and have direct contact with their mortgage advisor.

We developed a native mobile app and integrated the user interface with a Mendix backend. The Mendix backend handles the messaging, notification logic and the connection with de Hypotheker core systems.

In the coming months additional functionalities will be added to the app such as the possibility to upload documents through the app and chat directly with your mortgage advisor.

The Press

The dutch press also noted the launch of the track and trace app of de Hypotheker such as, AMWEB, Emerce and Dutch Cowboys. The director of De Hypothekers Associatie B.V., Wytzejan de Jong says that “de Hypotheker is constantly investing in new technologies which can help customers and make the mortgage application process easier and so is proud of this new app.”. And so are we.

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