Business engineers Рthe new IT professional 

A lot has been written about the Agile framework. How it works, why projects are better managed using the Agile framework and the rituals proposed by the framework. At Finaps we see the Agile framework as one of our foundations, but also acknowledge the traits people need to thrive in this framework


The Agile framework

The agile framework advocates vision driven teams and letting go of traditional control mechanisms that characterised IT projects in the past. This increase in freedom significantly changes the traits inputs for IT professionals to thrive. With reduced overhead and less requirements out in place in advance, the new IT professional should be more capable of managing itself and understand the purpose of the solution being delivered. Coupling this with the Agile principle of emergent architectures, the new IT professional should be a developer, business analyst, architect and project manager, all at once.


The business engineer

At Finaps we call these new IT professionals Business Engineers and see them as the cornerstone of our way of working. This said we do acknowledge the strain that multiple roles can have on an individual. At Finaps we actively work on building strong personalities that are able to reflect on oneself. Our culture characterises itself as open and allows to individual self expression. This has resulted in hilarious moments in team bonding activities, but has also shaped our approach towards clients. Managing oneself and learning the context of new environments requires self knowledge and openness. In addition we started with personality trainings based on MBTI (see three years ago and have continued this for all new employees. We found that MBTI training gives new employees the handholds to find balance between themselves, the team and the client.

As we grow we will continuously seek ways to maintain and further strengthen our culture.


Team foto finaps off-site 2016