The Mendix app platform

Founded in 2005 in the Netherlands, and now with headquarters in Boston, Mendix is a well-established, pure-play aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) provider. Finaps is partner of Mendix since 2010 when Mendix started working with partners. The Mendix App Platform is a high productivity development environment that brings IT and Business together achieving 6x faster application building. Mendix supports “no-code” development of multichannel applications using visual, process-oriented, model-driven development and service composition.
Models can be extended using code written in Java, Scala and JavaScript. The development environment is available as a cloud service, or it may be downloaded to a developer’s computer. Applications can be deployed to any Mendix Business Server with a single click. Mendix applications can be hosted in the cloud, making use of Cloud Foundry or on-premise. The Mendix App Store provides a venue for vendors and users to share applications, widgets and services. Due to this way of developing, it is possible to build complicated business applications in weeks instead of months.



Rethink your deployment strategy

Mendix app platform


The Mendix platform makes it possible to add and change features of your applications very fast. This means that your business ideas can put into action when you invent them and technical constraints due to long development cycles are history.
To identify and organize different applications within your organization a pace-layer application strategy could be very useful. When your organization wants to adopt a Pace-layered application strategy, it is possible that you need to rethink your whole development strategy to build custom systems of innovation and differentiation.
Looking at the Gartner’s Pace-Layered Application Strategy scheme, the Mendix platform fits well in the Systems of Innovation and Systems of Differentiation layers and integration with other Systems of Record is possible.


Integrated project management and instant deployment

Mendix app platform


Working together on the same project is simple with the Mendix platform. The requirements of your business application are captured in user stories and are used to determine the different iterations. Development team members can login to the Mendix platform and see the user stories other team members are working on, what still needs to be done and the feedback of end-users. Deployment in the Mendix cloud is possible by one single click and all your applications can be managed in one location.

Award winning security


Security in IT is more important than ever because attacks on core systems can do serious damage to your organization. The Mendix platform has award winning security that guarantees people can only see what they may see and prevent unauthorized access. Every model, microflow or page has separate security levels to regulate the access of users.




The Mendix platform in combination with the development team of Finaps gives your organization the possibility to outperform your competitors on IT and let you focus on your core business.
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