Real-time Data-Driven Storytelling Application “UrSmartStatus” for the UMC Utrecht

In collaboration with medical professionals, Finaps has developed the UrSmartStatus application. UrSmartStatus uses patient data to create a visual patient story. This story makes it easier and quicker for nurses and doctors to interpret their patients’ data, resulting in a more insightful understanding of the current patient status. In addition, the app helps to relate the patient’s current condition to similar patients from the past. This allows healthcare providers to interpret the data at a glance. In this way, UrSmartStatus helps to reduce the workload of healthcare providers.

The Challenge

Healthcare providers are increasingly suffering from excessive workloads. Registration burden is one of the biggest causes for two reasons. Firstly, patient data is generated from a various range of sources and diagnostic tests. These data are typically entered – and also reviewed –at different (digital) locations. The data from these various sources is not well integrated. Related data are therefore often not visible in one place. Secondly, there is a “data overload”, which causes more distraction than clarity. The healthcare providers lose track of how their patients are doing, which complicates decision making on how to provide appropriate care. The UMC Utrecht came to us with the question: “How can we use data in a smart way to significantly reduce the workload of healthcare providers?” Together we came up with an answer: “No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story” (Daniel Kahneman, psychologist).

Big Data Solution

As with the Big Data 4 Small Babies project, we used data analytics to help healthcare providers to interpret all data faster. UrSmartStatus allows to directly filter information that is not important for daily care, and the patient’s status can be compared in an insightful way with patients from the past. Consequently, it helps healthcare providers to draw up a suitable treatment plan more quickly without missing out on anything.


2 Data Scientists, 3 Developers, 2 Medical Experts, 2 Designers


React, Python


4 Months

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Tim Pijl

Tim Pijl

Data Engineer at Finaps