User-friendly Portal Makes Stakeholder Management for RWS more Effective

Together with Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Finaps has developed LIOM. LIOM stands for ‘Landelijke Informatiesysteem Omgevings Management – national information suite management’ and has three functionalities that support stakeholder management. It is a central portal where RWS employees can find basic stakeholder information, register meetings with stakeholders and look up the history of collaborating projects or issues with stakeholders.

The Challenge

Rijkswaterstaat interacts with numerous stakeholders of various types, such as BAM or the Groningen municipality. Effectively communicating with stakeholders as one RWS is challenging and time consuming since all stakeholder information was not centralized. Therefore, it was required to develop one centralized stakeholder management system. Additionally, it needed to be user-friendly to achieve successful adoption.

The Solution

Rijkswaterstaat now documents basic information, interactions and issues with stakeholders in LIOM 2.0. This portal for internal use is built with the Mendix Technology. Because it is vital to the adoption and success of the system, Finaps kept ease of use as the principal guideline throughout the development process. During the project the overarching Scrum approach to the development safeguarded the quality of the system and predictability in the delivery.


2 Business Engineers




7 months

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Christiaan Westgeest

Christiaan Westgeest

Senior Application Architect at Finaps