MOBI Application

MOBI Facilitates Port Security

Together with Port of Amsterdam, Finaps has developed the MOBI Application. It is a responsive web application that provides all parties involved port security, and International Ship and Port facility and Security (ISPS) certifications. MOBI is currently in use by all major ports throughout The Netherlands. Additionally, there are extensive plans for future development.

The Challenge

Port of Amsterdam previously administered security assessments in several Word and Excel templates. This offers opportunities for Port of Amsterdam to speed up the process of renewing security certifications, make the process auditable and gain more insights from the process. Therefore, Port of Amsterdam came to Finaps with the question: How can we develop a responsive web application that fully supports the repeating process of security certifications?

The Solution

The MOBI application is a fully responsive web application that gives all parties involved insight in the status of the certification process. Whenever a certain status is achieved the stakeholders are notified. The application provides the admin with customizable questionnaires which the auditors can use to check various aspects of the port facilities. Results are displayed in the certification dashboard for the involved parties. A PDF document can be generated with an extensive overview of the results of the security assessment that acts as a summary of the certification. Consequently, actions can be taken to renew the security certification. In the second phase of development the application was extended with functionality to facilitate supervision of port facilities. This includes a smart automatically generated inspection planning and fully customizable questionnaires.


2 Business Engineers




8 weeks

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Bram van der Linden

Bram van der Linden

Senior Business Engineer at Finaps