Project Management Portal Manages Child Exploitation Prevention Projects Efficiently and Transparently

Together with Terre des Hommes, Finaps has developed PMEasy: a portal solution that focusses on managing their projects on a global scale and increase transparency. It allows Terre des Hommes to efficiently assess their projects in terms of deliverables and finance. This leaves more time for Terre des Hommes to focus on their mission to prevent all forms of child exploitation.

The Challenge

Terre des Hommes has the aim to combine high impact projects with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) in an efficient way. Therefore, Terre des Hommes wanted Finaps to build one single application that can streamline internal processes and at the same time allow partners to report about aid spending and deliverables.

The Solution

PMEasy is a domain specific program management portal solution which is rolled out globally. The first PMEasy release included functionalities to interactively work on designing and implementing projects. Additionally, it tracks the progress of projects and partners. After the initial go live, an extensive roadmap was identified with subjects such as integration with Google Drive, the financial administration, (donor specific) automated reporting and web service integration to the IATI open data repository.


2 - 3 Business Engineer




3 - 4 months

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Friso Nijboer

Friso Nijboer

Senior Technical Business Engineer