The Amsterdam port region is the second largest port of the Netherlands and belongs to the five largest seaports of Western Europe. Port of Amsterdam develops, operates and manages the Amsterdam port region. It also promotes sustainable economic development in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The aim is to create a good balance between strong financial returns, care for the environment and comprehensive added value for the region.

The Amsterdam port region comprises the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen/IJmuiden. The ports in the North Sea Canal Area transhipped 97 million tonnes of goods in 2015, of which more than 78 million tonnes in the Port of Amsterdam. A total of 68,000 people work at businesses in the port or at port-related businesses in the port region. Within that total, around 46,000 people work in Amsterdam.


Business need

Port of Amsterdam further developed a methodology to streamline the ISPS certification process of port facilities that is called Methodiek voor een Objectieve Beveiligingsinventarisatie (MOBI) (Methodology for an Objective Security Assessment). This security certification is required for port facilities that dock ships that have an ISPS certification. The certification needs to be renewed every five years or earlier if the situation at a facility changes. The MOBI methodology was administered in several Word and Excel templates that were managed by Port of Amsterdam and used by every port in the Netherlands.

Port of Amsterdam wanted to speed up the process of certification, make the process auditable and gain more insights from the process.



Together with Port of Amsterdam, Finaps developed a responsive web application that fully supports the process of certification. The application was developed on the Mendix platform in 8 weeks by 2 developers of Finaps.

From start to finish all involved parties have insight in the status of the certification process. Whenever a certain status is achieved the stakeholders are notified. During the process messages can be exchanged to ensure everyone is kept up to date.
The application provides the admin with customizable questionnaires which the auditors can use to check various aspects of the port facilities. Results are displayed in the certification dashboard for the involved parties. The results include actions that are generated from audit evidence. Furthermore, a matrix consisting of various scores based on the questionnaire and configurable parameters is provided which summarizes the scores achieved by the facility. A PDF document can be generated with an extensive overview of the results of the security assessment that acts as a summary of the certification.



Port of Amsterdam now has a fully auditable and streamlined online process for certification. This resulted in a better collaboration between the different stakeholders because there is more transparency and the application facilitates communication. The application serves as a basis for future developments for port security.


The no-nonsense approach of Finaps in the development of MOBI application is just what we needed in optimizing our port facilities certification process. This has resulted in an easy to use application$n that supports a proper, swift, easy and transparent certification.

Product Owner Port of Amsterdam, Peter Alkema