Mijn Lening Inzicht

Flexible and Future Proof Financial Portal “Mijn Lening Inzicht” for Quion

Finaps and Quion build a new self-service portal “Mijn lening inzicht” with the innovative Mendix platform. “Mijn lening inzicht” provides consumers with real-time insights in their mortgage, annual results and, corresponding rates. The portal is designed with a flexible front-end so it can easily be adapted to the corporate identity of different lenders. In addition, it has an intuitive setup so that new updates can easily be made. This solution gives Quion a flexible and future proof portal with which they constantly meet lender and consumer expectations.

The Challenge

The financial industry is changing rapidly. New initiatives from FinTech are transforming current earning models and personal financial support is raising consumer expectations. In light of this, Quion decided to update the current technology stack of their self-service portal. This required a high-end, secure and flexible software solution that maintains the agility of the organization. With this portal solution, Quion will be able to rapidly respond to trends in the financial market.

The Solution

With this portal, Quion constantly gains insight into the customer needs towards their “Mijn Lening Inzicht” portal. Therewith they can meet their customers’ expectations. In addition, online processes are closely monitored which allows them to quickly and easily adjust the portal. 180.000 consumers have visited the new portal after going live. This number is expected to rise even more when new services become available in the “Mijn Lening Inzicht” portal.


2x 2-3 Finaps (Technical) Business Engineers




Continuous delivery in 2-3 week sprints

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Rochus Meijer

Rochus Meijer

Principal Business Engineer at Finaps