Portal solution for Quion

Profile of our client

Quion is the largest independent servicer of residential mortgages and consumer credit in the Dutch market. Quion provides lenders with business process outsourcing on origination, primary and special servicing. Banks and other lenders can outsource these services and activities to Quion, in part or in full.


The challenge

The financial service industry is changing rapidly because of many Fintech initiatives and raising consumer expectations. These become more challenging with the rise of advanced personal financial management services. The technical expectations require high-end and secure software solutions that are flexible to maintain the agility of the organization. Quion decided to update their current technology stack for their self-service portal.


The solution

Finaps and Quion built a new self-service portal “Mijnleninginzicht” on the innovative Mendix platform. The former portal was used as a baseline and was extended with additional functionalities. “Mijnleninginzicht” provides consumers with real time insights in their mortgage and the possibility to download annual statements. If allowed, there is an option to choose a new interest with corresponding rates. The portal is designed with a flexible front-end so it can easily be modified to the corporate identity of different lenders. Plus, it has a generic setup to add new processes more easily in the future.


The result

Quion now has a flexible future proof portal in which they can meet lender and consumer expectations. Quion gained more insight, now being able to monitor their online processes more closely. If there are unexpected events during a running process and the portal is unable to restore this automatically, administrators are notified and can restore the situation by manually executing failed actions (e.g. integrations). One month after go-live, over 23.000 consumers have visited the new portal and these numbers are expected to rise as more services become available to them. Finally, Quion can now develop and maintain the portal using internal resources.