Profile of our client

DLM finance offers clients treasury and risk management solutions. Clients can use the DLM Trade Manager, a fully-fledged, web based treasury management system. The DLM Trade Manager has a deal capture module, a cash and liquidity module, a valuation engine, a portfolio and risk module, an (hedge) accounting module and flexible reporting possibilities. The deal types range from different asset and liabilities classes to complex derivatives. The trade manager is connected to an European Trade repository for regulatory reporting. On top of the Trade Manager, DLM offers treasury outsourcing services, in the field of risk management, back office, accounting and system application management. The clients are financial institutions, corporates and fund managers.

The challenge

The goal of DLM Finance is to add value to the business by integrating treasury operations into the DLM Trade Manager. The DLM Trade Manager is unique in its concept. It is the first multi company and web based treasury management system, that ensures a professional and secure system in the most efficient manner.

The solution

Finaps developed the DLM Trade manager, web based solution for parties that need to comply with EMIR regulations, especially those in active in frontier markets. DLM Trade Manager tackles the operationally challenging requirements of EMIR. The solution is fully web-based and easy accessible to DLM clients and financial counterparts.

The result

DLM is leading the process optimization field as a result of the right combination between domain knowledge, innovation, customer focus and the use of flexible software and the right partners.