Trade Manager

Online Trade Manager helps clients meet the European Market Infrastructure Regulations (EMIR)

In collaboration with DLM Finance, Finaps developed the DLM Trade Manager. DLM Trade Manager is the first multi company web-based solution and web-based treasury management system. It helps clients of DLM and financial counterparts to meet challenging requirements of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation. Additionally, the DLM Trade Manager can be used for more purposes, such as facilitating hedge accounting, producing hedge effectiveness reports and facilitating intercompany transactions.

The Challenge

The goal of DLM Finance is to add value to its clients by integrating treasury operations into the DLM Trade Manager. The DLM Trade Manager is unique in its concept. DLM came to Finaps with the specific question: Can Finaps build a multi company and web-based treasury management system that is professional, secure and efficient?

The Solution

Trade Manager is built using Mendix as the technology platform and enables businesses to report their trades to financial authorities. The application is one of DLM’s key services. It offers functionality in areas of deal management, portfolio management, cash flow monitoring, covenant monitoring, collateral management, reporting, accounting, valuation, risk management.


2 Business Engineers




2 Months (Minimal Viable Product)18 Months (Version 1.0)

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Friso Nijboer

Friso Nijboer

Technical Business Engineer at Finaps