Validata Group

Validata Group is specialised in online screening services . Founded in 2009 as CV-OK they continuously searched for new opportunities, which led to the launch of two new labels in 2015; HUURDER-OK and VRIJWILLIGER-OK. All three labels are part of the Validata Group, the new company name since January 2016. Validata Group currently services over 300 clients and handles over 17.000 screenings a year.

In many ways the Validata Group is one of those companies that runs its business model the same way that UBER, Facebook and AirBnb do. They are all software companies, and, in the case of Validata Group, use Finaps as a strategic partner to continuously develop their online application. In close collaboration and partnership with Validata Group we developed all their screening platforms, some even with client specific design and screening questions. The software is developed on the Mendix platform which makes the software very flexible and future proof.

The opportunity

The need for screening services is increasing rapidly. This makes sense, because whether it concerns an employee, a tenant or even a volunteer, the harm a ‘mismatch’ can cause can be enormous. The prior verification of specific, relevant data helps you better map out certain risks before working together with someone. These screenings are all based on the same process, the automatic validation of data. The screening of persons is becoming a usual practice for many companies, landlords and organizations with volunteers but is seen as a time consuming non-core process.

The solution

Finaps developed a fully automated screening engine that is integrated with third party data suppliers. By automating the screening process in an innovative manner, Validata Group clients are ensured of a transparent, digital process which meets all the demands in the compliance field. Clients are maximally relieved as they receive compliant screening reports with a short elapse time.

The result

The Validata Group has quickly become the market leader in screening services as a result of the right combination of domain knowledge, innovation, customer focus and the use of flexible software with the right partners. For more information, you can visit

Validata Group about Finaps

“Validata Group has used Finaps and their expertise for over 4 years now and from day one there is a genuine feeling of partnership as opposed to a supplier – client relationship. Besides the fact that Finaps has the know-how to build state-of-art technology that is quick and easy to use, their true strength lies in their ability to really understand our business proposition and to translate this into strong solutions aimed at servicing the clients of Validata Group” – Harm Voogt (co-founder Validata Group)