Profile of our client Enexis

Enexis manages our energy infrastructure in the northern, eastern and southern parts of the Netherlands. They provide gas and electricity to a total of around 2.7 million customers on a daily basis. Enexis maintains and renews the network (power cables, gas pipelines and substations) and aims for high standards of network reliability and safety. Enexis uses the innovative Mendix platform as one of their main development platforms.

“In order to increase our business agility, we are executing a strategic program to rationalize and simplify our existing application landscape and drive rapid innovation in close collaboration with our business stakeholders”  Jan Paul Buijs, Manager CIO Office of Enexis.

The Challenge

Nowadays, many homes have smart electricity and gas meters that automatically send their data directly to the network provider. At Enexis, this data is stored within EIServer. When smart meters fail to send their data, they need to be checked by the mechanic who installed it. Getting the information to the responsible department was done by importing data into an Access database using Excel. The Access database was cumbersome to maintain and required a lot of manual labour, which is why replacement was necessary. The first version of the application had to replace the existing Access database and required a direct connection to the EIServer, plus it had to add additional value in managing its workflow and monitoring the entire process’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


The Solution

Finaps developed a fully responsive web application together with other developers of Enexis, called Failure Monitor for Smart Meters. A case is created within the application which is sent back to the EIserver upon completion. A Business Process Management (BPM) module was developed to allow for a configurable workflow, while making use of dynamic statuses to navigate through the workflow. Dashboards were added to give a clear overview of the performance by different region offices and sub-contractors.

The Result

Enexis now has a future proof and easy to maintain application. This has led to higher productivity and operational efficiency at the operational department of Enexis. The whole process of replacement and repairs of failing smart meters is now better streamlined and controlled.


Download the Enexis Case Study