Profile of our client

Quion is the largest independent servicer of residential mortgages and consumer credit in the Dutch market. Quion provides lenders with business process outsourcing on origination, primary and special servicing. Banks, other lenders, and major distribution parties can outsource these services and activities to Quion, in part or in full.


The challenge

Quion is continuously optimizing their business processes and services, also when it comes to transparency in the mortgage application process. Being a servicer for different types of lenders is challenging, since they all want to communicate as their own brand. This requires a highly flexible and configurable setup of the organization and therefor the IT architecture. But how to continuously optimize your IT services whilst being flexible?


The solution

Finaps and Quion started by building the Track and Trace app using the Mendix platform. The platform fitted well with the need of high flexibility, since it enables integration with (legacy) backend systems and deploying business functionality fast for multiple devices. The Track and Trace app provides transparency in the mortgage application process and is used by mortgage advisors. The Track and Trace app is a multi-label solution for desktop, tablet and mobile devices with key functionalities like push notifications, document tracking and deadlines.


  • Multi-label solution for the mortgage application process
  • Completely responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Hybrid mobile app in the Google Play store and Apple App store


The result

Quion together with their launching partner Hypotrust have launched Hypotrack, the track and trace app that is customized for Hypotrust in their look and feel. Hypotrack is an application for connected mortgage advisors that not only supports them throughout the mortgage application process, but also offers them insight.