Kompas App

Online and Mobile App for Criminal Cases

The Kompas App has been built to help Prosecutors select cases with the highest urgency. This by quickly making the required additional information visible such as agreements, KPI’s and priorities within the region. For example, triangular agreements between the Mayor, the Police and the Public Prosecution Service are now transparently visible in the app. These regional agreements, KPIs and priorities can lead to a local case being accepted or not.

The Challenge

Public Prosecutors need to determine that cases are handled with the right urgency and in the correct way. Additional (background) information is needed when considering whether to pick up a case. Previously, this was not transparent. As part of OM2020, the Public Prosecution Service has invested in making the organisation more agile. Together with the Public Prosecution Service, Finaps developed the Kompas App as part of the project ‘New working method for Public Prosecutors Offices’. The app supports the selection and routing of criminal case.

Collaborative Solution

The app has been developed within 30 days according to the agile scrum methodology. Not only was the app built in a short period of time, the cooperation between Finaps and the Public Prosecution Service has also been extraordinary. Both organisations live in two different worlds that are rarely allowed to work so closely together in building a functional piece of software.


2 (Technical) Business Engineers




6 weeks

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Jeroen Kesteloo

Jeroen Kesteloo

Front-End Developer at Finaps