Failure Monitor for Smart Meters

Efficiently Replacing and Repairing Failing Smart Meters with the Failure Monitor for Smart Meters

Together with Enexis, Finaps developed the responsive web application called Failure Monitor for Smart Meters. This monitor makes the process of replacing and repairing failing smart meters more streamlined and controlled.

The Challenge

Currently, many Dutch homes have smart electricity and gas meters. These meters automatically send data to the network provider. Enexis stores this data in the EIServer. If a smart meter fails to send this data, the meter needs to be checked. Previously, gathering the failure data was done through an Access database and Excel. The Access database was cumbersome to maintain and required a lot of manual labor. Therefore, Enexis came to us with the question: How can we build a new database that connects with the EIServer, manages its workflow and monitors the entire process of replacing and repairing failing smart meters?

The Solution

The Failure Monitor for Smart Meters is a fully responsive web application. When EIServer sends failing meter data, a case is created within the application and is sent back to the EIserver upon completion. Additionally, a Business Process Management (BPM) module was developed that allows a configurable workflow while making use of dynamic statuses to navigate through the application. Dashboards were added to give a clear overview of the failure performance of different regions and sub-contractors, as well as the possibility to create reports. Enexis now has a future proof and easy to maintain application. This has led to higher productivity and operational efficiency, while also guiding regional offices and subcontractors through the process of signaling and repairing failing meters that fall under their “jurisdiction”. The whole process of replacement and repairs of failing smart meters is now more streamlined and controlled.


2 (Technical) Business Engineers




3 months

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Author, Principal Business Engineer at Finaps