ING Integrated Fraud Case Management

Integrated Fraud Case Management App for ING Limits Money at Risk

In collaboration with ING, Finaps developed an Integrated Alert Handling and Case Management application. The application handles alerts of suspicious fraudulent financial activities and provides the full case management of these activities as quickly as possible.

The Challenge

Fraudulent activity on all ING products is continuously and securely monitored within the Fraud Management and Operations department. Once a client’s activity, for instance a specific transaction or logging into My ING, is considered suspicious, it is immediately investigated and adequately acted upon. It is essential to handle these alerts with high speed and in a customer friendly way. This required an application with a high degree of automation to handle alerts and manage suspicious fraudulent activities.

The Solution

The Integrated Fraud Case Management app centralizes the required information so that agents can respond with high speed which significantly limits the money at risk and customer impact. It reduces work complexity and creates a more user-friendly experience because it is integrated with the existing detection engine and client data sources of ING. Since go live in July 2013, the application has proven its stability, flexibility and transparency.


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9 Months

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Rochus Meijer

Rochus Meijer

Principal Business Engineer at Finaps