DALI box

Fast and Secure Installation of 35.000 Electricity Boxes Made Possible by the DALI box Installation App

Together with Enexis, Finaps has developed the DALI box installation app. The DALI box installation app helps Enexis to fastly and securely install DALI boxes. A DALI box is a Distribution Automatic Light box that monitors and manages the electricity grid and lighting. Currently, there are 12 boxes installed per day and with the help of the app, this process has a significantly smaller lead time.

The Challenge

Enexis has over 35.000 low-voltage electricity stations that they need to manage. So far, this happened with an old system called Toonfrequent which also manages the street lighting. As a replacement, they developed the Distributie Automatisering Light (DALI) box. It was important that these 35.000 DALI boxes need to be installed as fast and secure as possible in different configurations of low-voltage electricity stations. Therefore, Enexis came to us with the question: How can we build an app that helps to install DALI boxes in a fast and secure way?

The Solution

Finaps developed the hybrid mobile DALI box App that guides the technician through the installation process of a DALI box and registers the box with the operational technology department (hub) of Enexis. With the help of the mobile app, a field technician checks if the engineered view of the station matches with the actual situation. He or she scans the QR code on the box to register it at the operations department. The configuration of the DALI box is centrally managed and deployed to the box via a secure connection after installation. The information that the DALI box gathers, is send to a data lake. Finally, the technician validates the sensor values in the App after the box is commissioned.


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Friso Nijboer

Friso Nijboer

Technical Business Engineer at Finaps