Profile of our client

DELA is a cooperative organization that originated as a funeral insurer/facilitator in 1937. With over three million members, it is the largest in its kind in the Netherlands. In recent years DELA has expanded its portfolio with a broader range of financial and insurance services.

The challenge

Critical incidents with key IT systems require quick resolution during extended office hours. System administrators must therefore be kept apprised of such incidents at all times. Administrators must be able to manage and communicate on incidents on the fly, without the need to first log in to a DELA workstation.

The solution

Finaps developed a hybrid/native Mendix phone app that disperses incident alerts and updates to both the system administrators and relevant business parties using push notifications. The app allows administrators to view the incident details, exchange suggestions via a social collaboration wall where incident-specific message can be posted, the status of an incident can be updated and/or closed. The app also provides a view on the health-check status of a number of critical services in real time.

The result

The app is used by system administrators across the DELA organization to streamline their high priority incident handling. Due to its social collaborative nature, the app has enabled DELA to extend support on their entire system landscape with minimum operational impact.