Agile development on a solid foundation

At Finaps we combine agile development methodologies and advanced technologies such as Mendix and SAS with over 25 years of experience within specific domains such as financial services, public sector, fast-moving consumer goods, human resources, fraud and charity.

Finaps translates your ideas into working applications, whether you are improving your primary processes, developing a user friendly work environment or complying with new rules and regulations. We deliver solutions that will exceed your expectations, the aim being a positive impact on the operating income of your company.


Business engineers:
“the best of both worlds”

Our business engineers have a background
in business studies, commerce, IT and have knowledge and experience within specific domains. This enables us to translate your business needs into working IT solutions. A business engineer is responsible for business analysis, development of the application as well as embedding the solution in the IT and process landscape of your organisation. With this efficiency is created, avoiding the loss of information between business and IT.


Agile development process:
“build for change”

Developing a successful application is an iterative process where our business engineers will work closely with you to ensure we build the best solution for your organization. By adopting an agile development approach, not all requirements need to be frozen upfront. Based on a high level description we build a working prototype within 2-4 weeks, which will be the foundation for the remaining development. This allows us to engage the product owner and the end user at an early stage of the development. As a result, the solution is in line with your expectations, within agreed timelines and ensured minimum project risk.


Innovative technology:
“fast , flexible & futureproof ”

Finaps solutions are developed and delivered with the rapid app development platform Mendix and with SAS business analytics. Mendix allows us to to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications within weeks instead of months. SAS is one of the most powerful business analytics tools for your organization. By combining Mendix and SAS we can build the bridge between the two and develop even more intuitive applications.