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Finaps delivers innovative IT solutions using advanced technologies combining platforms with several open source frameworks. Our young, impassioned and ambitious business engineers work in close cooperation with our clients making use of the agile scrum methodology. This enables us to deliver high quality solutions with a short time to market. We are an experienced team of people with a background in specific domains such as financial services, public sector, healthcare and charity. We have a can-do mentality and are solution driven, both from a technical point of view as well as in the service we provide.

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Latest Headlines

Mendix World 2019: Rabobank Native Mobile App

The announcement of the industry’s first True Native Mobile by Derek Roos left a great impression at Mendix World 2019.

You might be wondering: Is Native Mobile really going to work? Is the consumer ready?

We are happy to answer that question: Yes! Rabobank International Direct Banking is the first to develop a True Native Mobile App.


Sleep well baby: Best Innovation Dutch Hacking Health Utrecht 2019

We are the proud winner of the National Hacking Health Finals 2019! Sleep Well Baby won the Best Innovation Award in Healthcare in the Netherlands.

Based on vital parameters (heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.) of a prematurely born baby, we can determine whether the baby is sleeping or awake. As a result, nursing operations can postpone sleep while the baby is awake. Consequently, the babies sleep longer and brain development is optimally stimulated in the smallest.


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